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Individual Stories


15 months old

When he awoke this morning, he called for Mommy. But he got no response—even when he began to cry. Jimmy is in his crib and the house is very quiet. He is hungry, wet, and scared—something is very wrong. Where is Mommy?

Jimmy’s grandfather is worried about his daughter, who hasn't answered the phone. He leaves work to check on her and finds her passed out. Jimmy is frantic and clings to Grandpa with desperation. Grandpa is heartsick about his daughter, who had been doing so well, and afraid for Jimmy.

Jimmy’s mom struggles with alcoholism. She did well in outpatient treatment, but services were cut due to COVID‑19. She fights her cravings, but relapsed last night. She is passed out, but will be devastated and remorseful when she awakens.

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